Оборона країни

Stop WW3 !!!!

People of the United State of America!

People of Great Britain!

Demand from your Governments - to help Ukrainians to stop the Absolute Evil, which is spreading from Moscow and threatening the entire world!

You all know, on 24th of February 2022, psychopaths from Russian Federation have started full-scale war against Ukraine. Kremlin tyrants want more than to eliminate our freedom and independence. They strive to destroy Ukrainian identity, the same it has been pursued during Russian Tsar Empire and Soviet Union. They call this act of ethnocide “Denazification”.

In 1994, Governments of the USA and Great Britain signed Memorandum to guarantee security to Ukraine, when Ukraine voluntarily turned over its third largest nuclear weapons arsenal. This Memorandum assures the protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. However, Memorandum is totally not protecting us - Moscowians are undertaking brutal war against Ukraine and have occupied part of our territories. Unfortunately, the help we received today from your governments will not stop Russian from pursuing their devastating war.

Entire world knows, how our army, volunteers, territorial defence forces are fighting victoriously and winning against occupants on all overland areas, which are invaded by Moscow armoured colons and sabotage platoons.

However, now Russia has turned to vile terror against civilian population. Moscow missiles, bombs, rockets are being fired at hospitals, kindergartens, schools, civilian residential buildings, Nuclear Power station (the biggest nuclear danger to the world!). Bastards deliberately and ruthlessly kill civilian people. Cities have been destroyed where over hundreds thousand of families lived peacefully. Millions of people are forced to flee their homes to the west of Ukraine and abroad. Whereas, Russian propaganda lies their zombied population that they are fighting against Americans and NATO in Ukraine.

We do not have weapons to protect our civilian cities and villages, our children, women and senior population from bombardment, rocket and artillery shells.

We, people of Ukrainian, appeal to people of the USA and Great Britain:

- You elected your government, on whom depends not only the continuation of civilian killing in Ukraine, destroying of cities and villages by Russian fascists. It also depends on them if us, Ukrainians, will be able to safe the world from WW3;

- for this, to stop bombardment, we need weapons - missiles of all ranges (except ballistic missiles). As soon as Ukraine receives them, more lives would be saved and the quicker enraged Kremlin beast would be forced back into the cage on Moscow swamps.

We plea you, people of the Free World to demand and succeed from your Governments to give Ukraine urgently missile systems capable of destroying Russian missiles, rocket artillery, planes, helicopters and Russian navy. We are being fired at from three sides of the world: from the north - Belarus, from the east - Russia and from the south - Black s

ea. We need enough of missiles and subsidiary stations, in order to eliminate every enemy planes and missiles , which enter territory of Ukraine.

Together we should stop WW3, which fascist Moscow has started by attacking Ukraine.

We believe in your loyalty to Freedom and Peace.

People of Ukraine.